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It's time to celebrate. I feel like many of us have been in a bit of a blogging slump as of late so I thought it was time to shout about a few of my favourite girls on the internet and their amazing blogs!

Nadia at Not So Quiet Grrl / Twitter / Instagram - Nadia has inspired me to become more sustainable and consider my impact on the environment. Her Zero Waste posts make me consider things I would have never thought of (zero waste reading anyone?) and help me to make positive changes to my lifestyle. I totally didn't get my KeepCup and metal straws because of her... p.s. her Instagram is absolutely dreamy.

Becky at Cruelty Free Becky / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube - Along with her YouTube videos Becky has inspired me to thrift! Thrifting was always something I was scared of, thinking charity shops and car boots were for old ladies who would only end up with gross sweaty second-hand clothes. But Becky manages to find  THE cutest clothes, her posts and videos make me more determined to peruse that charity rail.

Brianne at Brianneetc / Twitter / Instagram - Bre's lifestyle posts are my absolute favourite things. I feel like we have similar aspirations and goals with our ideal lifestyles and I love the humour she brings to her posts 'you can learn a lot about yourself when Adriene asks you to clench your kegels for an entire practice'. She's also a massive advocate for meditation which is something I really want to get into but don't feel very good at!

Steph at The Zombie Said / Twitter / Instagram - Steph often blogs about 100% cruelty-free AND vegan brands, which is something I'm not all the way there with. I would never buy anything that's not cruelty-free but I don't always consider if a product is 100% vegan or not. Steph's posts help keep this at the forefront of my mind and redirect my £ when considering what products to buy

Nadine at Just Deenie / Twitter / Instagram - this girl covers a whole range of topics but my favourite by far is her travel and food posts (I'm still lusting over her Lisbon pictures). As  I'm yet to travel abroad as a vegan it's comforting to know there are awesome foodie places all over the world waiting for you. 

Hayley at Cruelty Free Hayley / Twitter / Instagram - this girls make up is INSANE. You need to check her Instagram out immediately. Although I'd never be as adventures with my looks in real life, I totally appreciate the art of what Hayley does and as a result, really respect her opinion and recommendations on beauty products!

Writing this post has filled me with so much joy. There are so many awesome girls absolutely killing the game, writing about their passions and inspiring others. I'm so happy to be a part of this community. Obvsuously there are a million other girls that I would have loved to feature in this post but i can't go on forever, so I tried to cover everything from beauty to sustainability so that hopefully my favourite bloggers can become your favourite bloggers too. 

Blog recommendations are always welcome, hit me up with your faves!


  1. This is such a sweet post, thanks a million for including me Lisa! I'm especially glad you like my travel & food posts as they're my favourite to write :) This means a lot, and I'm also obsessed with the rest of the bloggers here <3

  2. Nice post...They seems a very passionate bloggers. Will connect with them on Instagram.

  3. I love that you are supporting other bloggers and sharing them with your readers! Great list of fabulous bloggers!

  4. So nice on the way you support other bloggers. However it should be greater with the preview picture.

  5. Interesting blogs. I am glad that you are supporting other bloggers. I did check some of them out. :)

  6. Thank you for giving me some new bloggers to go follow. I have always been a big fan of thrifting. You can find a lot of cool stuff that way.

  7. I will have to check these bloggers out.


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