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I've seen so much online recently about zero waste and the impact of single use products. Over half of the worlds plastic is used for disposable items and 1 million disposable cups end up in land fill every minute. I honestly didn't even consider that a seemingly paper cup (they're actually made of types of plastic) would end up in landfill and wouldn't be recycled. Since becoming plant based, I'm much more conscious about my impact on the environment and facts like these really shocked me. 
I'd seen KeepCups floating around on social media and had always been drawn to them because of their aesthetically pleasing design. Little did I know they weren't only gorgeous, but doing so much good for the planet! 3.5 billion disposable cups were diverted from landfill from KeepCup users alone!

Personally I've never really wanted to invest in a reusable cup for a number of reasons. Firstly, reusable cups are usually fairly big and something I couldn't see myself lugging around every day. On the flip side of that I had previously thought that these keep cups were too small, they come in a range of sizes but I'd seen the 8oz and 12oz around the most frequently and thought that would never fit a good coffee in! When you think about it, a coffee is only ever going to have two shots of coffee in at most and the rest is just (non-dairy) milk, so it doesn't really matter the size of your cup. 

reusable environmentally friendly coffee cup

Although this KeepCup is made of glass it's super light weight and there are recyclable plastic options too. They've even brought out a Star Wars range if you're feeling extra groovy. 

Another consideration for me when looking at reusable items is of course cost. I bought mine from amazon and it was £12.99 at the time, however you can get them for as little as £7 on their website. It took me a while to come around to spending that much on a cup but they're a wonderful investment and it only takes 15 coffees for a KeepCup to break even with disposables! You might even save yourself a bit of money when out and about with your cup, plenty of coffee shops offer 10% discount when using a reusable cup and Pret even give you a free coffee on occasion!

I'm excited to show off my cup and explore more zero waste options. What are your favourite zero waste tips?

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