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aldi vegan snacks

I don't know why it's taken me this long, but I've only just discovered Aldi. I think it used to get a bit of a bad rep, but it's now widely known as the best place to go for cheap, fresh fruits and veggies. Their range of vegan snacks is growing by the week, here's what I picked up on my most recent trip. 

healthy aldi vegan snacks

The lime baked pea snacks are the perfect healthier alternative to crisps. They're light and crispy and contain 4.2g of protein per bag so they're a quick and easy way to boost your protein intake. There is another flavour of these pea snacks available that aren't vegan, so double check before you buy!

On a less healthy note, these mint chocolate thins are too good! They have crunchy bits throughout which make them so incredibly moreish. I hadn't even got into the house before I'd cracked the box open!

vegan snack bars aldi supermarket

Another favourite of mine are the That's It bars. There is a banana and apple flavour but I much prefer the apple and pear. These bars only contain the two ingredients described, cold pressed together into a bar. Although naturally high in sugar, these bars have no other nasties and are a great snack to take to work!

aldi vegan snacks

A new discovery for me are these Beyond Bars and they tick all the boxes. They're soil association organic, made in a factory powered by renewable energy and are vegan, soy and gluten free. Oh, and they're delicious of course, the acai ones are my favourite!

New things are popping up in their stores all the time, last week I saw a lot of people picking up spirinella, maca and wheatgrass powders for a really good price! 

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What are your favourite Aldi finds?


  1. Those pea snacks sound yummy, I love anything chilli and lime! I really like the sound of the Beyond bars too :) xx


  2. I was in Aldi the other day and really impressed with their health food section. Picked up some Maca powder for a recipe I was trying. Good post Lisa


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