Babylon Tree Natural Soap

Babylon Tree Patchouli and charcoal natural vegan soap

I don't know about you, but I am obsessed with all things skincare and I'm always on the look out for something new and exciting. Increasingly I'm seeking out not only cruelty free, but natural products. No-one wants nasty chemicals on their skin now, do they?

Coincidentally on my search, the lovely people over at Babylon Tree contacted me and gifted me one of their handmade soaps to try out. I picked out the patchouli and charcoal because both of these ingredients are great for balancing the skin and drawling out impurities... and I had a few niggly back spots to sort out (mmm, lovely).

The first thing that shocked me about these cruelty free soaps were their price, they're only £3.95 and 10% of that (if you buy online) goes to McMillan cancer support. Such a good price and such a lovely thing to do, even better that their soaps are all natural and hand made in the UK.
Babylon Tree soap natural cruelty free handmade soap vegan

The soap gives off a nice light lather, you're not swimming in bubbles and you know the bar is going to last for ages. My skin felt amazingly soft after using the bar, not tight and dried out - as I would usually associate with a bar of soap. You'll be glad to know, it's wildly reducing my back spots too!

My only drawback for this product would be the earthy smell that comes with the Patchouli and Charcoal bar, which is to be expected with the ingredients it contains. The scent isn't over powering but it's something to keep in mind when choosing your soap!

What cruelty free, vegan and natural products have you been loving recently?


  1. I would really like to try this I love anything with charcoal in it. Great post!


  2. I think you're right, most people get put off by the price but this doesn't seem too bad. I must confess I haven't rally tried any natural products but I'm thinking I should change that :)

    1. You should go for it, there's no reason not to!

  3. A friend was just telling me about this soap! I definitely want to try some for myself.

    Carly |

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