Amaki Jasmine and Rose Oil

amaki jasmine and rose oil

Since becoming more plant-based I've noticed a massive difference in my skin. It hasn't completely cleared up and I still get a pesky spot here or there, but on the whole, it's massively improved. The one thing I do still struggle with though is scaring. Although at this very moment in time I have no spots, my face tells a different story, there are 4/5 marks that will hang around long enough for another spot to grow, making me look like I never have clear skin.

I've heard that rose oil does amazing things for spot prone skin. With spots themselves, but most importantly the scarring. I literally jumped at the chance to try the Amaki oil because not only does it contain rose, it also has jasmine and almond oil, which is a recipe for skin success in my eyes.

amaki jasmine and rose oil

I've used this every morning and evening for a week and I can't express quite how much I bloody love it. It feels so luxurious that I can't wait to come home and use it and to cleanse my face in the morning so I can slather it all over. I found that it sinks into my skin really well and doesn't leave a sticky residue, it also hydrates my skin so well that I don't need to use anything else. It's really simplified my skincare routine, I simply wash my face with Liz Earle and then apply this!

I can't believe I was so hesitant to try an oil out to help my spots and scarring because I am in love with this!

Amaki skincare is an American organic, natural and cruelty-free brand who are making their way to the UK market with their lovely products. They kindly gifted me this oil to try, but I don't gush about just anything I really do love it! You can find them here.

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