My Gousto Box Experience

Gousto box recipe ingredients

For those of you that don't know, Gousto is a food delivery service aimed at making your life a little easier and reducing waste. I was kindly gifted a food box containing two meals for two people. Here's how I got on.

The food box contains easy to follow instructions for your two chosen dishes and exactly the right amount of ingredients, all you'll need is some salt and pepper.

Gousto box recipe cards

I have mixed opinions on the service so I thought I'd create a little pro's and con's list in order to be slightly more balanced.

  • One of their biggest marketing points is not having waste with this method of shopping. If a recipe calls for one carrot you'll only receive one carrot not a whole bag, which you may not end up using and throwing away.
  • I tend not to like to waste my food which can mean eating the same sorts of things again and again to use them up, so using Gousto means that you are able to have something different and exciting everyday!
  • They gave me a wooden spoon! I don't know why this pleased me so much, but I'm always down for new kitchen utensils. 
  • Because I like being in the kitchen so much, these boxes allow me to go out of my comfort zone and try new things I might not have done otherwise, and if I don't like it, there isn't any left over!
  • I was promised vegan options and although there were two, one contained honey and both were meals I wasn't a big fan of.
  • Another massive con for vegan consumers is the fact that the box is insulated using Sheep wool. Like an entire bag of Sheep wool, I got the shock of my life. (Personally I don't see the need of this in a vegan box so surely that could be adapted?)
  • Although the way the boxes are designed reduces waste, I like being in the kitchen so I'm always excited to find new ways to use up left overs and this doesn't allow me that.
Gousto Box prepared vegetables

Personally I don't think this is something I would get again due to their lack of plan based options and my love for the kitchen! However their veggie range was much better so this could be something to consider if anyone is considering transitioning to a veggie lifestyle and is conscious about waste.

Hopefully posts like these will make Gousto consider more vegan friendly packaging and recipes! 

If you think these might work for you or just want to try them out, you can get £20 off your first and second boxes with the code TORNADO making the boxes only £7.49 for two meals for two people, which is pretty darn good!

How are you in the kitchen? Would a box like this be useful to you?


  1. This is certainly interesting. I don't think they'd work for me though because I'm such a fussy eater.

    1. You get to pick from quite a range of recipes... if you're not vegan that is haha.

  2. It seems rather redundant to make a vegan box but line it with sheep wool, I'm not sure I see the logic behind that thought process.
    I'm always down with not wasting food but I don't think Gousto is for me. It may sound extremely picky but I like buying my own groceries in store as opposed to having them sent through the mail.

    Raise The Waves

    1. I know, madness isn't it. Hopefully in future they'll consider an alternative! Yeah I'm the same, it was fun to try, but I enjoy the process of being in the kitchen too much!

  3. Wow i should try makinig vegan box too! :)


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