Meal Planning

 Planning for a weekly food shop can be hellish. I psych myself up for it every week and then end up eating the same old rubbish. Either that or I'm too busy working evenings that I don't have time to make all of my ambitious recipes. 

Recently a combination of Eat Smart and Paperchase wonderful organisers have made my life 100x easier. It's not that structured which I love, I have the same breakfasts/lunch pretty much always so that would be wasted space. I also like having the ability to note down when I'm working so I can easily plan my meals. 

Pretty much everything on my planner this week is from Eat Smart , I could rave about this book forever. The recipes aren't difficult to make and so far, every single one has been delicious. My meal planning now looks like a quick flick through Eat Smart and a little look at my own compilation of tried and tested recipes, instead of hours trawling through the internet not knowing whether the meals I chose are going to work well.

For the days that I'm not at home on an evening and J would rather something quick and easy and maybe not vegan, I've noted down some alternatives as this is magnetic and hangs on the fridge. 

Alongside online food shopping, my weeks just got a lot easier and also mean that I eat better and waste less - hurrah!

p.s. sorry for dark orangy pictures. the afternoons are still dark and pants, whatcha going to do?


  1. What a useful tools as diet companion! Well, I think I need that tools from Eat Smart too to prevent too much rubbish I eat a day. Hehehe. Thank you for your posting, then. Nice to hit here :))

    1. It's such a good book and the recipes aren't too hard to make, go for it!


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