Let's Talk: Coming Out as Vegan

' How do you know someone's a vegan? They tell you.'
I used to laugh at this quote because it's so true. I knew a few friends of friends at uni and literally the only thing I knew about them was that they were vegan, because it would be the first thing out of their mouth. But after trying out a vegan lifestyle for a few months, I understand why.

One of the biggest challenges you face in becoming a vegan, isn't not knowing what to eat, it's peoples reactions to you. Everyone has an opinion. When I first tried the 22 days vegan challenge, I used to avoid telling anyone what I was doing and people used to comment on how healthy I ate and how they wished that they could do the same. Then they found out I eating vegan and it was a whole other kettle of fish. There's a face people make when you say it. It's like you're a different person to who they thought you were, you're no longer as relatable to them because you don't fancy eating animal products. That's when you start becoming defensive 'I'm not doing it for the animals, I just do it because it clears up my skin' but you can tell that's not enough so you keep going 'you can lose so much weight and I genuinely have loads more energy, I don't even nap anymore haha'

Now, I know I do eat a vegan diet for all of those reasons, but why should I feel like I have to be ashamed of the primary reason people chose to do this. Why should I be embarrassed that my diet happens to save the lives of hundreds of animals and trees and dramatically improves the environment around us?

I know a plant based diet isn't for everyone, but my body responded so well and the heath benefits are so clear that you'd be crazy not to try it. Even if that means having one meat free day a week.

Is this blog living up to the vegan stereotype because all i do is bang on about how ethically wonderful I am? (I'm not)

P.S. I have lots of plans to eat out this week and I really want to try and stay vegan, even though that seems quite unrealistic. Eating out is so hard in mainstream restaurants, even the veggie options can be naff. Gah.
P.P.S Did you enjoy the completely unrelated picture of me and an elephant from a sanctuary in Thailand? (I made sure it was a fab place that was kind to these majestic beasts with absolutely no riding, obvs)

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