Cruelty Free and Parent Companies

One thing that first made me realise I was a bad vegan was my view on this topic. 

Some cruelty free brands such as The Body Shop,  NYX and Urban Decay are owned by parent companies that are known to test on animals. In this case all three of the above brands are owned by/ have recently been acquired by L'Oreal.

Many vegans don't purchase products from companies like these as they believe they shouldn't be financing a company that tests on animals. However I believe that by supporting brands that are cruelty free,  you might just force the hand of the parent company. If they see an increase in sales in a specific area, surely they'll try and maximise on that which could lead to a company going entirely cruelty free. Perhaps that's a bit of a glorified way of looking at it but my point still stands.

It's a fine line and it's difficult to know where to stand. I chose to support any cruelty free brand regardless of their parent company. After all, I'm a bad vegan and NYX, Urban Decay and The Body Shops all make incredible products that I want in on!


  1. This is such an interesting post, I've been trying to shop cruelty-free but I find it so hard with all the companies and parent brands and fine print. I definitely agree with you though! xo

    1. You should defs give it a go! I can be confusing to begin with but Superdrug are great for cheap skincare and plenty of fab cult make up products are already cruelty free. I've done a post with my faves here - and I'm sure there will be more to come because I can never stop buying the stuff haha x


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