The Grape Tree

One of the hardest things about cooking vegan is when you find a recipe that doesn't look too crazy or too difficult, they start throwing around ingredients like 'wheat grass' 'cacao nibs' and 'flaxseeds'. It knocks you back a bit, it makes you think that maybe adapting to a plant based diet won't be as easy as you thought. After all, who has all those expensive inaccessible ingredients knocking about in their house?

I thought exactly that, until I was introduced to the wonder that is The Grape Tree.

The Grape Tree is a UK based affordable health food shop. They have stores dotted all over the UK but also have a delivery service, if like me, you aren't based near a store. The delivery is a bit hefty at £4.99, but the savings you make on the site are worth it and if you spend over £35 it's free!

They often have 50% offers on their already low prices, they give you no excuse not to try
some of those delicious vegan recipes.

Even if you're not into making meals with fancy ingredients, Grape Tree has a range of nuts, and spices that you wont want to miss out on. £4.00 for 3 x 150g of spices, um yes please!

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