Staying on Track

One thing that I found insanely difficult with veganism was constantly having to scrawl through lots of no good recipes with unnecessarily expensive and hard to find ingredients. There are two ways I got around this, one was finding The Grape Tree (theres a post about this brilliant store), and the other was creating my own recipe book of my very own vegan wins. 

A vegan win for me, is something that isn't so difficult to whip up, doesn't have lots of fancy ingredients and of course tastes delicious (extra points if it impresses the meat eating bf). 

This means that I'll always have a handy book of go-to meals for when I don't have much inspiration or aren't really feeling like experimenting and ending up with a meal I don't really like. It stops me thinking that the only yummy and easy to make things are those that contain animal products and that in its-self is a little vegan win for a bad vegan like me.

I'll be doing a series where I share my favourite recipe finds that I've noted down in my book so you'll get to see how I lay it out, but for now this little gem is from Paperchase if you want to start your own recipe journal.

p.s. in true bad vegan style, this book is pre sectioned out and it has a meat and  fish section which I may or may not have added my favourite chilli and chowder recipe for when I'm not feeling so plant based...

EDIT: I haven't actually eaten meat or fish since starting this journey in January - Vegan win!

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