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Something a lot of people don't think about when they think vegan is beauty products. For a while now I've been conscious of what I put on my face, even before I wanted to make my diet plant based. I wanted to make sure whatever was going on my face was of a good quality, from a good brand and was doing the best for me. So why, when they're is the choice between a good product that's been tested on animals and a good products thats not harmed an animal, would you not chose the latter? 

My all time favourite brand for cruelty free skincare has to be Liz Earle. It's a mid range price product (to an extent I do think you get what you pay for) that has natural ingredients, smells wonderful and makes my skin feel amazing. I genuinely love all of their products that I have. I really don't know why you'd look any further. This skin care regime alongside a plant based diet are a match made in heaven, cya later spots. 

I used to be an Origins devotee until I found out that they aren't cruelty free and I honestly never thought I would find a nicer moisturiser than their GinZing one... but here we are! I kind of maybe still use their GinZing eye cream and knowingly asked for it for Christmas but I'm struggling to find something similar. Bad Vegan.

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