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aldi vegan snacks

I don't know why it's taken me this long, but I've only just discovered Aldi. I think it used to get a bit of a bad rep, but it's now widely known as the best place to go for cheap, fresh fruits and veggies. Their range of vegan snacks is growing by the week, here's what I picked up on my most recent trip. 

Kat Von D Review

Kat Von D Haul

Kat Von D finally released in Debenhams earlier this year and I'd held off on splurging until now. Walking past the giant posters every day on the way to work meant I was soon worn down and heading in to make my purchase. 

ELF has finally landed in the UK

ELF make up trail UK launch

ELF has finally found its way into UK stores so of course, I had to pick up a few pieces... despite not being that impressed when I've tried products in the past.

I ordered these online so I got my hands on them a little before the store launch, meaning I've had a few weeks to test them out and give you my opinion.

Firstly I ordered the lip scrub. I've always lusted over the Lush lip scrubs but never wanted to part with so much money for such a tiny pot of product, that I might not get along with anyway. The Elf scrub is reasonably priced and surprisingly, really good! I like that it comes like a little lipstick so there's no messy pot to dig into and the scrub itself is quite chunky so it really gets in there and doesn't seem to dry out my lips - winner!

I'm a sucker for a highlighter, my Becca ones are running low and although I know Elf would never be a replacement for that standard of highlighter, I thought it was worth giving it a go. Despite its naff packaging, does a really good job. I initially thought it would be quite subtle so I mixed it in with my foundation with gave a really nice look, but then I threw it on top as a highlighter too and it really pops in the light. Over time I have noticed that it separates slightly when you initially squeeze the product onto your hand but once you've dabbed it on your face it gives the same glowing effect. 

The molten eye shadow, this was a bit disappointing for me. I love the concept of a quick and easy eye look but I don't think it really translated. It took quite a few layers to have it show up true to the packaging and then throughout the day it just looked like I had sweaty eyelids... not nice!

Their concealer gave really good coverage and the packaging is very Nars-esque, but I picked this up in a colour a bit too dark for me so it wasn't great for under the eyes, but it did manage to cover my million and one red horrible spot scars... *eye roll emoji*

ELF is such an affordable brand that it's nice to be able to try a few bits and bobs that I wouldn't ordinarily get. However, with a cheaper brand, I do think it can be trail and error to find those hidden gems, which ELF certainly has a lot of!

If you're interested in cruelty-free makeup, here are my holy grail products.

What ELF products have you got your hands on that you love?

Amaki Jasmine and Rose Oil

amaki jasmine and rose oil

Since becoming more plant-based I've noticed a massive difference in my skin. It hasn't completely cleared up and I still get a pesky spot here or there, but on the whole, it's massively improved. The one thing I do still struggle with though is scaring. Although at this very moment in time I have no spots, my face tells a different story, there are 4/5 marks that will hang around long enough for another spot to grow, making me look like I never have clear skin.
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